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You’d never believe what I saw when I was walking through the city last night. There was this group of women, maybe four or five of them, walking through the streets with a whole bunch of lads following them around. Sounds pretty normal, you say? Well, these women were a bit on the older side, and they were wearing tight t-shirts that had “Milfs Go Dogging” written on the back. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass me by. I chased them around for the evening, catching their dirty actions on my camera. These ladies got a hold of any and every guy they could and just started going to town on them right in the middle of the street! You’d see their heads bobbing up and down on these guy’s dicks, sucking them dry as their other “Milfs Go Dogging” ladies cheered them along. Register for free at S4S & go dogging.

These milfs were HOT!! They weren’t like any mums that I had ever seen before. Sure they were a bit older, but they had amazing tits, full cock-sucking lips, and asses that wouldn’t quit! They had no issues at all laying down right on the street and getting rammed from behind from this line of guys who were ready and waiting to bone them. It was too funny watching the dudes look around mid stroke, afraid to get caught out while these hot mummas just enjoyed the ride! One mum was doing a bit of a balancing act while getting fucked in the ass by one dick, and rammed in the pussy by a second.

There were even a few of these milfs who decided it would be fun to go down on one and other! So they just stripped down to nothing, found a dark alley to escape to, and ate each other out while leaning up against a wall. It was great to see them sucking pussy, fingering and having loud screaming orgasms right there in the middle of the city center. Really – what’s better than lesbian milf action? After that night, I was set. I was going to find myself a milf and have a bit of dogging action myself. Luckily, I found UK Milf, where thousands of single (or attached but looking) milfs and gilfs sign up to find themselves a bit of company. If I can find a milf that’s half as wild as the ladies I watched tonight, I’m certainly in for some fun. Click here to read the latest Milf ads.